Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Short Take on COVID-19 and Lockdown


The COVID-19 Pandemic is a dark chapter of humanity. No, it's more like a giant slap against humanity's proud ivory face.

The gears of progress hummed slow, and there's this big cloud of UNCERTAINTY looming above us all. Everybody seems to be on the edge. Heck, I'm on the edgy edge. Right now, I'm trying my best to focus on stuff that I can control.

All of our systems and models nearly broke apart. Complacency has been our sweet darling, but we can't be complacent anymore. Nope.

We learned things the hard way. How underpepared we are, how slow emergency response systems can be, how deep the bureaucracy is rooted, and how we tend to usurp each other for toiler paper.

A big bummer, right? I think that's human nature. We all have dark cocoons inside.

We're all chipping away at this COVID-19 behemoth. It's hard, insanely hard, but doable.


Let's talk about WILLPOWER. This is a hidden resource that affects the way you deal with the world. If your willpower gauge is low, you'll be tired, near-hopeless, and you probably just want to doze off.

Don't be a COVID news hoarder. Consume the essentials, the facts, the important things. Stay away from negative things or your willpower gauge will bleed dry.

And whaddaya know? The day is over before you know it.


Someone told me that it's better to focus on HELPING PEOPLE. Yeah, that's right.

Help in any way you can. If you don't wanna help, then help yourself at least. That's a great start because you will gain proper leverage to help other people later on.

Here in our municipality, we do our best to share food and resources. Well, even before the pandemic. We should all look out for each other.


I have no other hack to share now. I'm on a healing process - just like everybody else.

Stay at home, stay away from negativity, and focus on healing yourself and helping others.

Also: CREATE. Pivot your Hustle. New markets will emerge soon, and new players are needed. But no pressure! Unless you wanna be pressured...

Take your time. You're recovering. You're alright. You're probably gonna have coffee with me someday. Respect the process and be observant.

Take Care Coz I Care,
I q J

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Here It Is: The Best "Motivational Hack Template" Ever (at least for ME...)

WOW. I can't believe that my last blog post was roughly five months ago. Just wow! I had this strong urge to revisit my blog and come up with a new post.

As of now, I can offer nothing but a FREE-FLOW of my thoughts - a silver platter of lessons that I've learned in the past months.

I'm not even sure if someone can read this...but I'm giving it a shot anyway. You know, just to give a little bit of value.

Cutting & Burning Stuff

My life is like a constant display of fine-tuning, tweaking, and flinging shit away. I change gears, I fail often, and I reap rewards every now and then. Yeah, it's not pretty. It's gritty.

Success is all about the grind. Constant repetition until you get there on that sweet, sweet spot.

I've cut many things out of my life now. Let's begin with fried food. Don't get me wrong, I still eat fried chicken and fried pork...sparingly. But I gave up street-fried goodness.

I dunno. Maybe I got triggered by that vendor who reused cooking oil over and over again. Maybe I hated that bloating feeling I got after devouring a fried drumstick. I just realized it's not good for me.

I fancy just a wing...or two?

Like an artisan, I also burned a bridge with a confidante. Oh wait, he burned the bridge with me. It's mutual, perhaps? Now, this confidante had been with me for more than 5 years. We exchanged ideas, debated on things, shared resources, and delved on numerous hobbies.

Then he had an internal crisis and told me that I don't give a rat's ass for his hobby. Maybe he needs my constant 150% attention? Something that I couldn't give! And so, we parted ways.

I gave up gaming as well...


I left one stagnant pay-to-win game, that's it. Retrogaming is my thing now, along with Dungeons and Dragons. But when it comes to DnD, my activity has been pretty low.

Let's see...I also went radio-silent on people who just enjoyed talking about themselves and never gave an actual damn. It's a slow process, and it freed my mind to do the things I love.

I burn bridges faster now. Life is short (and long at the same time!). If a relationship is not getting any positive or proactive weight, burn the fuck out of it. Then build new relationships.

The Best Motivational Hack! (I believe so...)

For the last decade, I've been looking for excellent motivational systems and compact "life hacks" that will put me ahead of the grind. A wong move. It paved the way to procrastination, awkward sales pitches, and pointless existential questions.

During one of my bouts of self-inflicted despair, I managed to connect everything. Since I love gaming, I turned it into a guiding point which eventually helped me create my personalized motivational hack template.

Life is a BIG GAME filled with smaller games.
~There are risks and rewards at every corner.

And so I thought, "why not monitor everything in a high-score, achievement-hunting style?"

Everything made sense. If I can make Internal Achievements based on my activities, then almost everything I do will have a bearing. I can't lose at all.

Example Achievements:
Buy Your Own Home       1000 pts
Work Out (daily)              75pts

I just love seeing my numbers go up! And these are intrinsic numbers, they may or may not translate to cash or physical freebies. A big confidence booster and personal motivator.

The template made me happier as well. Like, I am now more proactive in controlling my fitness regimen and health issues. I have a long way to go but I can see the path clearly. Working out yields many points for me every single day.

Note: It's important to become diligent in recording everything. I use my journal to record points and activities.

Of course I can give 100,000 points instantly. For absolutely nothing. But I'd just cheat myself if I do that. In that case, I'll drop everything off and become a couch potato.

(WAIT...I give points for being a couch potato...but they're virtually lower compared to working out)

Another Note: There's absolutely no way you can refute this system. My system is dogma-proof. I'm ready for opinions (music to my ears), but I'll just shrug and move on with my day.

Oh, spreadsheets are your friends in this system. I've also added pictures for further motivation.

This system is not new, though. I encountered many people who have their own 'point sytems.' Each point system/hack template is different. It all depends on the person.

Gotta get me some buns

Takeaway: Keep a record of your most valuable and important activities. Add points to them. Keep motivated. Get your High Score high. See your results translate into the physical world. They will see you rollin,' and they be hatin.'

I'm planning to build a community around this points-system concept. To join, simply send me $1500...HAHA just kidding.

Happily scoring,
I q J

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Moneymaking - A Golden Oath. A Service. A Commitment


Ah, money. Money, money, be my honey.
I gotta make cash, no rush, hush hush.

EVERYBODY loves money. If someone tells you that he/she doesn't love money at all, that person is lying. Think about this...even if you are extremely rich, at the bottom-bottom pit of your heart, you will appreciate how money makes the world alive.

Of course money is not everything. You shouldn't be obsessed with money, but you must recognize its importance. It's a Golden Tool, dawg. We can't do anything about it. Money paves the way to more money. Money is the root of most deals, and it's also the by-product.

I remember. I remember there was one period of my life where I LOATHED money.

Dafuq. IQJ loathing money? My present Self just cringed.

This period was a time of personal crisis - a cornucopia of self-doubts, fears, and mothershittin' what-if scenarios. Oh, motivational masturbation too (the process of getting too addicted to motivational quotes and stuff). I loathed money then because my coffers were dry. My gigs were almost non-existent and I spent countless hours playing PC games. Fuck old me.

Bumming. Chillin.' No Money here

Thankfully, I found a few Mentors who pulled me out of the Ravines of Doom - only to push me back again into a deeper pit. But this time, I am on a mission.

"Respect the Process." Said the Mentors. They always emphasized that truth and I embedded it in my mind like some sort of a broken record.

Some of my financial faux pas:

-Lost almost everything (except my briefs) in Online Poker
-Sank money in unregulated Direct Selling/Pyramid firms
-Joined partnerships without doing my homework (i.e. Research)
-Didn't expand my Consulting game
-Avoided Technical Writing Gigs as if they were plagues
-Trusted some Microlenders who dragged me into Debt Wonderland

And so, I stopped blaming the 'evilness' of money. My rationale (money is evil! holistic development is not!) was wrong. I turned the knob and refocused on the importance of MONEYMAKING.

MONEYMAKING, NOT HONEYMAKING (it works both ways though)

Just a few days after I revered the Moneymaking process, I managed to close new gigs. Writing gigs. Consulting on the side. Selling stuff. I even secured an average corporate job which, somehow, helped me recoup some of my losses.

Right now, I'm still winging it out. I'm not yet a rich mofo, but the road is clearer. I have the best tools and the BURNING PASSION of a Modern Warrior.

In fact, I feel rich now. I have more ideas than the doubts of Old IQJ. Eyes on the prize, always. But more likely...eyes on the market.

My simple message: MONEYMAKING is your Golden Oath to the World.

You make money to improve yourself and, eventually, to help others.

You make money so that you will always have OPTIONS, instead of distractions.

You make money to sign up to my future membership forum for just $199
Scratch that.

You make money to fund Projects that will help humankind. I dunno, maybe you are the next Elon Musk! The possibilities!

See? You can buy Shuttles and Satellites with Money!

Be a CONSULTANT. Solve something.

I can't stress that enough. One of my Mentors told me before that everyone has problems, so consultants will never run out of opportunities. It's about POSITIONING and REPOSITIONING. It's all about understanding this squirmy giant dragon called Market.

Consulting, Copywriting, and Selling are my big baskets now. These baskets are responsible for me and my family's inherent survival. I plan to enter Real Estate and the Agribusiness game in a few months or so. I am #excited!

Happy money-making! :) :)

Wanna discuss some business ideas or moneymaking ideas? Email me at

-I q J

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Just My First Post for 2019...Carry On!

Well, here we are...

Normally, I'd start my blog post with a quote or a tidbit of ancient wisdom. Not this time. I just want to let my thoughts flow like the River of Life or Waterfall of Chi or somethin.

January came by fast, and I was almost overwhelmed by tons of projects - both on the Creative and Profiteering sides.

Thankfully, my clients needed help with their Marketing shindigs and turned on to my spawning pool of capabilities and cheap labor (LOL). These rackets eat up a decent chunk of my time, but I'm still open for new knowledge-seeking operations.

Ah, knowledge! I'm obsessed with the minutiae of it. I'm curious about many things right now; I want to delve deep on mysteries, figure out the gears and cranks, and revel on what I've learned.

I love to share information with anyone! But sometimes, I just succumb to the urge of watching Youtube videos. Welcome to the age of hyper-inflated digital narratives and stories!

One..more...YT clip...plz

My Worldbuilding projects have gained ample momentum, but I can do better. By pulling the right strings, I was able to sell a one-shot Worldbuilding Kit - peppered with creatures, politics, quirky characters, and potential plot hooks. The price is just right, and the client was satisfied. He even said that he'd pay more if I can draw shit and make maps. That's a sortie for another day.

People pay for bunch of imagined words & stuff?? 
YOU BETCHA! That's why we have books, right?

Worldbuilding Kits are the same. They are like books, except that RPG enthusiasts and Dungeon Masters can use them for their games/campaigns. Such is the wonder of Tabletop RPG, collaborative storytelling, and...stabbing goblins imaginatively.

Now, off to other things...

Copywriting is still cool. Cooler than ever, if I may add. I barely take content writing projects now, except for Anchor Clients because they are special.

Let me emphasize: I love Copywriting... at least next to Creative Writing, Worldbuilding, and Slacking Off. 

Copywriting is an ever-changing discipline, and anyone has the chance to become a Copy Superstar. I'm not yet a Superstar, but I can charge at semi-premium rates. 

Besides, it feels great to write a Copy that actually converts. It's like smelling the roses after you've spent hours cleaning an abandoned sewer.

Me, stepping on cow dung while enjoying the flowers

 To push myself further, I've set a mental goal: Make a Million-fucking pesos...

Why? Why not Ten Million? Why not aim for a Ferrari? Well, one million is just a target. I could use the vacation money, but I just care about hitting it. Then I'll set a new target.

Maybe I'll sink that million into an investment fund. One thing's for sure: I won't let it fade into nothingness.

Honestly, I've reached huge figures before...but everything went to my Mother's treatment. Yet, despite the financial allocation, she succumbed to ESRD.

Money is Pyrrhic if you have a disease gnawing at your body and mind.

So, that's my mental goal for now. I have other goals, and I mapped them easily to fit the big target.

TAKEAWAY: Keep hitting targets. Keep doing stuff that empowers your Soul. Keep creating.

Until my next post...I'll do my best to post in a matter of days. :))

Let me end this post with a POTATO

Your Friendly Potato,
I q J 

Friday, December 28, 2018

The Electrifying, Soul-Melting Medley of 2018

2018 is a rollercoaster ride for many people. 
It's an avalanche for me. 
Avalanche of debris, lava, universal anti-matter stuff, and some things foul.
But I shouldn't take shit for granted.
2018 is a blessing.

I'm writing this '2018-ender blog post' in advance because holiday preparations tend to be hectic.

Gotta prep those meals, gotta cook those meats, gotta take care of my little mischievous darlin' kid, gotta finish articles, and gotta finish my Worldbuilding projects. Oh, in between of these activities, I slack off. A lot.

Ever since I resumed building fictional worlds, I felt a tremendous wave of satisfaction. And someone paid me for it! Yes, a client needed a homebrew setting for his first ever Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. Poof! I did it. The gig didn't make me rich, but hey - I can make money from what I love. Now, that's something.

Mid-November is another challenging phase. I dueled with an enormous entity that bugged many creators, hustlers, and entreps for years....

The Great Golden Dragon of Impostor Syndrome!!!

Impostor Syndrome is like the nagging feel that tells you, "You're not competent enough for this. You are nothing. You shouldn't do this." The jaws of this beast is painful. It's even worst than self-doubt!

Ring, ring, but never doubt a thing...

I managed to silence this beast for now, and the simple trick is DO SOMETHING. Get busy. Read stuff. Take that online course. Chat with a friend. Doodle. Meditate. Scrape dirt. Eat. Play with something.

I once heard a cool quote from my favorite strategy game, Warhammer40K:

HERESY is NOT GOOD. In the hustling parlance, this Heresy is "regression." If you don't move forward, you are stepping backward. This can be frustrating. Bad for the wallet, too.

So, let's not be Idle too much? Yeah.

Mashing dough is sexy, and keeps ya busy too...

Now, parenthood. Ah, sweet gracious delicate parenthood. A toddler is a real gem, and also a certified storm-carrier. Avacyn, my daughter, thinks that I'm some kind of a walking rubber ball. I'm busy. I always have deadlines. And here she goes...bouncing off me. Shattering my focus.

Still, she's lovable. The moment is lovable. I enjoy watching her play with her toys, talk to her toys, and even make a mess of things. Oftentimes, I learn too much from her curiosity.

Maybe if I'm curious enough, I can discover new things. Like the Key to Immortality. Somethin' like that.

Another thing I've realized is that I feel like shit if I can't learn something new. Whether it's a new sliver of information or a hidden chakra enhancement technique, I need to devour it. I'm obsessed with details, knowledge, facts, lies, secrets, and the veils that are covering the world.

Unlocking a mystery provides a temporary high...then I move on to new things. Fortunately, learning doesn't stop! I can learn anything I wanna learn about.


2018 is a hell ride. It's as if I died and lived once more - off to slay another Dragon for 2019. I am now potentially convinced that my past is already a hundred leagues behind. Events of the past haunted me during the early months of 2018; I better leave them to the winds now.

Whenever I dig the past too much, my Wife reminds me to look forward. To 'stay here.' And to remember those who supported and left me during my darkest times. Yeah.

And I shall end this parade of thoughts with a nice quote:

"I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don't"
-Neila Rey

Well, sounds good enough for me!

A toast to 2019,

I q J

Monday, October 15, 2018

Nuking this Blog in 3...2...1...

**Takes a motherload of deep breath**

Yes. You've read that correctly. I am nuking IQJ Spectrum.

I have a metaphorical ICBM pointed at my blog's throat, and I'm ready to press the button. But I want to emphasize that this shit is not 100% bad news. Perhaps my nuke is not too deadly or I'm considering and reconsidering things.

But what does it mean to 'nuke IQJ Spectrum?' What does it mean??

Fart Unleashed

Let me begin with a short story. About a week ago, I made a remarkable breakthrough. I finally found the NICHE that I'm willing to die for. Heavens, it's been staring at me for years!!! I've chipped at this niche portion by portion - without any big passionate boost.

Well, I have too many things to worry about. Writing gigs. Funnels. Selling. Mini-consulting rackets. Gaming. Youtubing. Procrastinating. And thousands of other things.

Thankfully, I managed to curb some of my fixations and urges. Ah, it's like trimming your pubes for the first time. You feel light as fuck.

NOW! Let's go back to my 'Discovered Niche.' My discovery is not yet totally refined, but the premise is clear.

The niche, the pool that I wanna swim on for years, is WORLDBUILDING.

"Let my heart attack pass. Then I'll process what you just said."

Reader: World-what??? You attempting to be a god, dawg?

Worldbuilding is innate to me because I started out as a Writer. With a capital W. I believe Writers are 'Gods' that can create infinite realities, possibilities, conflicts, characters, and many more. The humble Writer is not so humble - just imagine his/her power! But power perception is subjective, so yeah...he/she might not appear powerful to others.

When I was a child, I can't play with my toys without a story in mind. For example: my expensive Bret Hart action figure needs to elope with my cheap-ass C3PO plastic doll. And they need to fight the minions of Dr. Troll in order to have a happy ending. Cray-cray plot, I know!

Oh, one more thing - I can't play without a hankie. The hankie emulates effects like machine gun fire, explosions, and smoke.

I need to set everything up before I sit down and play. I'm like a showmaster, and I get cranky if my show is disrupted by external forces (i.e. Mom calling me to Lunch).

The first world that I built was called GIANTZ. I was eight years old then. Giantz was meant to be a comics series, but I couldn't draw shit. Maybe I can make a few doodles of stick figures, but that's it. The world is simple - large robots and creatures fighting over territories.

It's like The Walking Dead and Godzilla crossover. Imagine that.

Bash the idea. Right in the noggin'

The second world holds a very special place in my heart because it encompassed my High School years. My best friend, The Bitcoin Overlord, helped me build this world. His characters were too overpowered, but it's okay. We had lots of fun.

I named this world project CIVIL GOVERNMENT. It's not actually one world but a GALAXY with wars, politics, magic, and common stuff that you'd find in a macro-dystopian space. This project spanned five notebooks, countless grammar problems, stick drawings, secret languages, and fake advertisements. Pure geeky fun!

Now, I'm outlining a new worldbuilding project. I wanna make short stories and novels out of it. I can also imagine different ways to MONETIZE Worldbuilding.

In Philippines, Worldbuilding - as a niche - still has a long way to go.

I'm not working on this niche for money. Yes, profits can help of course. Please give me 1 million pesos and I'll launch a Worldbuilding business, lol. But shit doesn't work that way, right?

There are gazillion other ways to make money while funding this Worldbuilding ride. Thanks to my retainer clients, I can still feed my family and boost my hobby at the same time.

Yet, I need more. Obviously. My project will demand bigger things in a year or so. Software, marketing, travel budget, product templates - these are just some basic things needed.

What's Hidden: Pissing My Pants in Style


A big NO! I'm 'repurposing' the blog to fit my new journey. Since this is a personal blog, I'm free to do so. Anytime.

I will still make posts about hustling, freelancing, copywriting, consulting, moneymaking, and life in general. That's a deal. But I'll add notes about my Worldbuilding journey. And, perhaps, I can mix the blends to create something wonderful.

I guess that's the beauty of Creation.

Until then,

I q J

Monday, August 20, 2018

A Radical Change: Why It's Time to Leave My Existential Plateau?

A few weeks ago, I needed an extra cash boost.

The usual pattern: I'll modify a simple product template, come up of a bootstrap mini-course, and sell it to interested peeps. Problem solved!

But - just like everyone else - I got lazy. Super lazy. I veered away from my systems and snagged a quick offer from a client.

The conversation went on like this:

CLIENT: Can you write me 50 articles about penis enlargement? will send you product info

ME: Sure! Please send info over...

Gig secured! I estimated that the project will be finished within a fortnight, or even shorter if I'm pumped with energy.

The pay is moderate. Not something to be proud of, but okay nonetheless. I could use the money.

Next topic: Top X Benefits of Penis Enlargement. Oh, crap.

Four days later, I was mentally wasted. Back then, I made a promise not to write for content mills anymore. But here I am...grinding for a product that I don't give a shit about.

I questioned myself. Why am I doing this shit? Why am I writing about penises and all things phallic? WTF, Ivan!

That's when I realized that I hit a PLATEAU. An Existential Plateau, to be exact.

The crisis poisoned my mind, and it made me feel miserable. It's worst than getting trapped in Limbo seventy-seven times seven times.

Like a zombie, I did my best to finish the penis project so that I can move on. Yet, it's not an easy ordeal.

I don't want to see bananas for a month

You see, my Existential Plateau is a frustrating reminder that my value as a Writer remained static. I've written so many sales articles at the expense of my soul. I went against the grain of Creative Writing because money was slow.

With sales articles and web content pieces, profit was good. I can buy the things that I want, and my Consulting hustle virtually paid for itself.

But my mental stability suffered. I became emotional, irritable, impulsive, and mega-paranoid about something that I couldn't figure out.

I scanned my old creative works and snippets. I tried to whip up a quick story - a flash fiction piece - but I couldn't get past the second sentence. Am I doomed?

Thankfully, I was able to catch a hearty talk with my Amico, Jay-R - a Bitcoin Overlord!

It started casually, and we exchanged nostalgic stories. And out of that casual air of nostalgia, I shared my penis project dilemma.

He was appalled. He told me that I should write for the WORLD, and not for shitty stuff like penis enlargement.

"Write for the world," Jay-R said. "A handsome guy like you should focus on legendary things."

(note: he didn't actually say the 'handsome' part. I just added it for dramatic effect, LOL)

So, I made a decision that will reshape the future of IQJ Spectrum into something better.

...perhaps it will lead to fantastic Eureka moments and other realizations.

I have decided to WRITE for topics that I strongly resonate with. I'll triple-down on these topics and come up of meaningful content. For my sanity and the benefit of every reader as well.

This is a RADICAL CHANGE, and I anticipate for three immediate results:


By reducing my web content writing availability, I need to scale on other areas. I still write for retainer clients because I care about their businesses and products. For the coming months, I will focus on improving my Consulting service to maintain profit stability.


Writing is cool, and it can branch out to other interesting specialties. For example: A penis enlargement writer can learn new skills such as landing page creation or email copywriting. Or he can be a poet! The possibilities are endless.

A cold truth: I will lose the game if I can't skill the F up. That's it. In the realm of hustling, skills matter. More importantly, all of your skills should complement each other.


It's time to do something that I haven't done for years - pitching to submission sites. I respect (and fear) this process because I consider Editors as "Immortal Watchers." They can rip apart my idea in seconds, or they can ignore it without a second thought.

To move past the Plateau, I'll start pitching again. There is no other way. I need to bash my excuses and find the strength to take my ideas further.

Besides, Editors won't kill me if I fail one pitch, right? :)

Right???? (nervous laugh)

"We no like ur idea. We kill you now!"

So, I guess I'll be busy in the coming days. But that's not an excuse!

I'll keep the posts coming - my notepad is brimming with new ideas. I will dissect these ideas, turn them into micro-projects, or scrap them altogether. This will be fun. After all, life is about experimentation and constant tweaking.

Hustle on,
-I q J

A Short Take on COVID-19 and Lockdown

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